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Whether you are new to the practice of the commandments of God or you have been practicing them for many years, this website has something special for you!

It is very simple. There are three pages from our MENU.
1) Commonly Misunderstood Verses – These are verses that are typically taken out of context. There are posts on each of the verses with both a short and longer explanation.
2)  Common Questions – These are commonly asked questions we are sometimes asked about our faith or we sometimes wonder for ourselves.
3) Foundation Articles – These are basic articles that explain foundational details for the practice of our faith such as “How Do I Keep the Sabbath?”; “When is the Sabbath and How Can We Know?”; “How Does God Define Food”; and so forth.

Explore, learn, and share with others!

Kelly McDonald, Jr 
BSA President – www.biblesabbath.org